Teacher Writes Notes On Desk To Boost Students Confidence!

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We absolutely love this! Teaching is more than just about #hardwork and #dedication. It’s also about learning how to creatively grab the minds of students that can be effective to their learning experience! Fifth grade teacher Chandni Langford has learned how to do just that! Before tests she writes uplifting messages on the students desk to boost their confidence. She truly believes that they can achieve anything they put their mind to! Ms. Langford works at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in New Jersey. She calls her messages “growth mindset messages.” Her goal is to give them a boost of confidence before their standardized tests.

She says, ““When the kids come to school they need to know that even though they’re away from their families at home, there are people here that love and care for them and hope the best for them. And truly, truly believe in them,” Langford told The Huffington Post.

Chandni definitely gets it! We need more teachers like her reaching and molding the minds of our youth! #salute

Candi Daniels

As the CEO of #SweetCandorTV, Candice is compelled to use her talents to inspire and motivate others to never give up on their dreams. Most importantly, never give up on themselves.

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