Exclusive Interview: Tweet Talks New Album #Charlene

She’s back! Singer/songwriter Tweet, most known for her song “Oops ( Oh My)”, is back on the scene and stronger than ever. After her album release in 2005 Tweet had to take a hiatus to get her life in order and find out what it really was that she was created to do. During this ten year quest of soul searching and rebirth Tweet has rededicated her life to Christ and consequentially to her music.

In the album Tweet shares with us a little bit more of who she is at the core. “I had to go back to the basics,”said Tweet. “And that’s why I named my album Charlene.”

It’s important that we support good music, because the radio won’t always do it. And though “good” is subjective, I think most will agree that “Charlene” falls under that category.

Her new album #Charlene is set to drop January 22, 2016, pre-order here on Amazon Music.


Naomi Mack is an actress, model, dancer, and tv host in Atlanta, GA. The arts, fitness, and food!

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