[EVENT RECAP] Tia Norfleet & Tarvoria Pop Up at Middle School Talent Show

Black women are making so many power moves and we want to make sure they don’t go unnoticed! The 1st African American female Nascar driver, Tia Norfleet, and upcoming singer Tarvoria head to Eddie White Academy for their Drama Club Talent Show. The two give motivational speeches and show the middle schoolers a great time. Our Atlanta correspondent @MiAsiaSymone pulls them aside and gets insight. Check out the recap and feel free to leave feedback!


Our ATL correspondent @MiAsiaSymone is pictured with Tia Norfleet, Tarvoria, & CEOs of Eyelash Vizion


Interviewer: @MiAsiaSymone
Interviewees: @Tarvoria & @Tia_34
Shot By: @DirectorAMartin

MiAsia Symone

MiAsia Symone

Meet MiAsia Symone! She's a "Jill of All Trades." Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, MiAsia has always been known for her positive, uplifting, energy. As one of the newest correspondents on the #SweetCandorTV team, she plans to continue with her great reputation. Graduating from Georgia State Spring 2016, she plans to take her career to the next level. The 24-year-old has aspirations of becoming one of the biggest media personalities in the world. Possessing great writing, speaking, and people skills, she will achieve her goal in no time! Watch out. She's on her way!

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