Vegan-Paleo is Really Changing My Life

What do you do when one friend suggests a paleo lifestyle and another friend suggests a vegan lifestyle?

Do both duuuuuuuh!

Ever since I graduated from undergrad about 7 years ago, I’ve been at a weight that I don’t desire to be. Don’t even let me get started on the STRUGGLE that I have endured trying to get this weight off. The doctor says that the numbers suggest that I am in shape (exact words were you are as fit as a professional athlete) BUT the scale suggests that I’m overweight which means that I have a higher probability of getting HBP, Diabetes, etc. who wants to hear that!? First of all it just does not even make any sense.

Anyways, my friend has been on this health kick for about 2 months now and he’s already seen tremendous results which annoys me to the core because I’ve been on a health kick for years and I’ve seen no physical results *side eye*. He suggested a paleo lifestyle which just means that you are consuming a diet based on foods that our ancestors may have eaten and foods that they probably wouldn’t have access to. Simple!

Then my other friend, Candice (one of SCTV’s contributors check her out!), who understands my struggle introduced me to VB6 which suggests that you eat Vegan prior to dinner time (no meat products). So simple!

So what did I do? I combined the two. I’m already a pescatarian so eliminating fish during the day was so easy and honey let me tell you what happened in 2 weeks…..I lost 12lbs. Now I’m not saying that this is normal by any means but I’m also a runner so I probably sped up the process a bit (unintentionally).

I log all food, exercise, Fitbit steps, and water on the My Fitness Pal app and I make sure that I am getting all my nutrients and calories for the day. If I can keep this up for at least 21 days then I have officially made vegan-paleo a habit. Yes!

I will have my first cheat meal since starting on July 4th and I am beyond excited.

Right now what inspires me the most to be healthy is finding out that I’ve inspired others to take control of their health and get it together! It is possible and you can do it too.

Keriki Purkiss

Keriki Purkiss is a wine lover, foodie, lifestyle, heath and fitness enthusiast from Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for Sweet Candor TV since 2014. Keriki currently resides in Richmond, VA.

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