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Waka Flocka Talks the Demon of “Materialism” and more…

Waka Flocka speaks the #SweetTruth with #TheBreakfastClub. He talks about his past experience going to Africa and how it changed his perspective on life. He met a teenaged boy who literally had nothing and that made him look at his prized possessions differently. Waka said, “He NEVER had a pair of shoes in his life.” He mentioned that it was at that point he stopped wearing all this jewelry and he got off the demon of “materialism.” Many people could take a lesson from this interview. We live in a society that worships materialistic things and we thrive on the approval and attention from others.

Rather than wasting his money he’s decided to use his money wisely and start investing in tech programs or maybe even the environment.

He said, “I invest my money, I open up tech programs.” “I’m into all kinds of stuff.” “I’m about to start getting into healthcare and water. I want to get into the environment.”

“I want to get into the air! No bodies doing it! This air we’re breathing is crazy!” These are the things that can really make a difference in our world.

#SweetCandorTV salutes Waka for using his influence to inspire the minds of others. Sometimes its the little things you do that make a big difference!

Candi Daniels

Candi Daniels

As the CEO of #SweetCandorTV, Candice is compelled to use her talents to inspire and motivate others to never give up on their dreams. Most importantly, never give up on themselves.

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