Uncomfortable: Music Review

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If you don’t know what 116 means then you’re probably sleeping on Reach Records. Reach Records is a label started by Lecrae that includes artists such as KB and Andy Mineo. September 2015, Andy Mineo released his third album titled “Uncomfortable.” The album cover is hilarious and you can find images of fans’ faces pressed on glass mirrors using #thiscomfort or #uncomfortable.

Not that I’ve met the guy before but Andy Mineo is a Syracuse native. His songs are infused with witty rhymes and different life experiences he’s overcome or learned from.  What I’ve come to love about Andy Mineo’s music is that it ministers to those willing to listen, those who need encouragement and even those who have yet to experience the many trials of life. My 6-year-old son sings  along to the words of “Uncomfortable.” I’ve heard elementary youth and 20-somethings rapping along to Andy Mineo as well.

“So if you wanna live a comfortable life. Make sure you never love nobody, be selfish and never sacrifice.” – Andy Mineo

Tracks that I love:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Now I Know  

This song makes me laugh out loud every time. It’s funny because I was one of those teenagers that believed Hulk Hogan and wrestling was for real. This song details the many things Andy believed in as a child but now he knows better. When you know better, you do better!

  • Hear My Heart

This song is a personal dedication to Andy’s older sister, Grace. Grace was born deaf. Andy didn’t learn how to communicate with his sister until later in his life.

  • Know That’s Right

I can listen to this song every day of the week. It paints the picture of living your life on social media and working to keep up an admirable image in the eyes of man only to be in debt.   

  • Vendetta

Ironically Andy Mineo states “Cause ‘Pac did a lot more for me than Barack.” Throughout this song and others, Andy shares what it was like growing up in the home with his mother. 

  • Love

Who doesn’t enjoy a good love song? This is a tribute to Andy’s wife filled with ballads about what love is. It’s an action. Sometimes it’s confused for lust. It’s a choice.  

  • Make Me a Believer

This song reminds me of a prayer, we’ve all prayed at some point in our lives. It appears in this song an individual  is questioning their faith and hope for the future because of their current circumstances and feelings.


2013 Debut: Heros for Sale

2014 EP: Neverland

Are you unashamed? Leave a comment sharing what you like most about Andy Mineo’s music!

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