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Nike to develop Hijab line for Muslim Female Athletes

Just two days before International Women’s Day Nike announced that it would be releasing a line of Hijabs for Muslim female athletes. The new line will begin sales in the Spring of 2018. With the current xenophobic trends in our society this is a great step towards inclusion. While they are not the first to do so, Nike’s wide brand recognition will likely lead to them being the premium seller of the sports HIjab.

Nike collaborated with Muslim athletes such as Zahra Lari, an Emrati figure skater, who posted a picture of herself skating in the new design. With Nike’s constant sports tech updates, this could be something that is improved upon for years to come. Amna Al Haddad an olympic weightlifter also was consulted during the design phase of this project. In her experience having only one Hijab which would suit her needs during competition was a frustrating thing in her past. She noted having to wash her Hijab each night during competition, while it was not a large task, the multiple pieces she now will have access to will make it much more simple. Once the line is released, Muslim female athletes will be able to purchase them in various colors to match their uniform or personal style choices.

While we aim to look towards a future where universal acceptance is the status quo, this is a great development to see Nike investing in. While some have mentioned they are not quite sure if the Nike logo is something they want to wear on their Hijab, being that it is a religious article of clothing they are excited all the same. Hopefully in the future we will see more Muslim female athletes who feel empowered by this and can create a legacy of their own. For more, be sure to subscribe to #SweetCandor TV.



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