Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn” Got the people like Damnnnn

Who knew that on April 17, 2017 the rap game would change forever? Now all the hip-hop scholars and future MC’s would have a new tune to rock to. A tune that provokes critical thinking and self-expression, rather than just a dope beat or a catchy hook. On that sunny day in April, the citizens of the hip-hop kingdom crown a new king, Kedrick Lamar.

“Damn”,’s new album is breathtaking, there isn’t one song on the album that doesn’t make the listener go “Dammnnn’. “Did you catch that?” His word play, his storytelling, and not mention his poetic voice all come together to make a musical masterpiece. He has top dogs in the music industry like Sean Combs, Snoop dog, and many others telling other rappers to drop the mic after K.Dot just lyrically kilt the game. From songs like DNA and Humble Kedrick is trying to get the people to think about hip-hop from a different perspective one that challenges the listener to critique the artist.

His song Humble, which is also one of my personal favorites, talks about how rappers should just “sit down, and well… be humble”. We all know the stereotype for rappers is to showboat all of their riches rather than their knowledge and lyrical ability, Kendrick disagrees. He is trying to say that hip-hop isn’t all about the wealth but about letting your soul speak instead “letting the meds talk. Also that DNA beat is a banger and is empowering all together. In DNA Kendrick is talking about what he made up of as a person and as a rapper, he has loyalty and royalty in his DNA, whats in yours? He hits on some pretty powerful stuff like in his song Yah he talks about Black people being Hebrew Israelites and in Loyalty featuring Bad Gal RiRi he talks about how the industry plays with your money and who are you loyal to is the Fame, Power, or your family? Overall this album is a definite game changer and is our covent of hope, our sign that hip hop is still alive and well.

Kedrick Lamar saves hip-hop and Damn is the theme song of the revolution.


Debria Tyler

Debria Tyler

DebriaLove is a lover of all things people, culture, and art. She is a proud millennial and wants to impact her generation in a way that inspires them to be critical thinkers and active doers. Debria's writing is thought provoking and humorous. She will become your favorite carefree black girl. You will always see her with her fist up and Afro out!

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