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Chance The Rapper to Donate $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools

Chance The Rapper has,B for quite some time been vocal concerning his hometown of Chicago and the greater issues which impact inner city youth. While his multiple Grammy’s and his ability to remain independent within the music industry have been the cause of more recent headlines, today it was his philanthropic work which was the cause.

Chance just days ago had a meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner which yielded less than inspiring results. He came out of the meeting where press surrounded him looking to find out the implications of his sit down and a frowning Chance few words. He stated that the vague answers he got from Rauner whom asked him questions like where the money would come from. He then urged publications who follow his every move to instead do their job in telling the story. It’s obvious that the current status of Chicago and its educational system has not happened overnight, but the issues which cased it many are unaware of.

The financial crisis the CPS system is facing could lead to more lay offs, and a shortened school year. This would leave scores of children with no supervision or safe environment to be in for what would be an even longer summer. Being a man of his word Chance presented an enlarged check during a visit to Oliver S. Wescott Elementary in Chicago’s Southside. The money will be donated to various schools in an effort to provide much needed funding to go towards their, “arts and enrichment programs.”

The most paramount part about this is that we see another artist whom has not only been vocal about his plans, but is taking action. While we see many artists who may gross millions more than Chance, we do not often see this type of action taken. Unless of course we are speaking of when Akon made headlines for his work in Africa which brought electricity to about 80 Million people. Perhaps each year we can have a competition that instead of boasting cars, boasts what our celebrities and public figures can do for those less fortunate. Hopefully more will follow suit as Chance The Rapper continues his work in support of Chicago and the youth. For more, be sure to subscribe to #SweetCandor TV.



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